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    At Dynamic Welding & Engineering, we are in constant pursuit of perfection. We invest heavily in cutting edge equipment, new technology and training, to ensure we can provide the best possible services to the highest standards of quality.

    We are proud to have installed the very first fibre optic laser cutting machine in Australia!

    Laser cutting is an extremely advanced, computer-controlled manufacturing process that produces components, parts and products with incredible accuracy, impeccable precision and absolute consistency. Our fibre optic laser cutting machine allows us to manufacture custom components, exactly to design. The products our machine produces are faultless, and the equipment increases efficiency and speed, yet reduces costs when compared with conventional profile cutting and fabrication creating savings we can pass on to customers.

    Specialist design features and operations such as drilling, slotting and intricate cutting can be incorporated into the process to create precision products exactly as intended.

    Fibre lasers are real state-of-the-art technology, saving on consumables and power with energy consumption being up to three times less than conventional methods. With a fibre optic laser cutting machine, the laser beam travels directly to the material without the need for lenses and mirrors, resulting in a precision finish which has to be seen to be 

    The cutting capabilities of our fibre optic laser cutting machine include:

    • Mild steel - 0.5mm to 12mm
    • Stainless steel - 0.5 to 6mm
    • Galvanised - 0.5 to 6mm
    • Zincanneal - 0.5 to 3mm
    • Zincalum - 0.5mm to 3mm
    • Maximum sheet size 1200 x 2400mm
    • Accuracy +/- 0.05mm

    With our laser cutting machine, anything is possible. From highly intricate and decorative design features to remarkably clean cuts and an exceptional finish. Holes and slots, channels, extrusions, lettering, branding, logos, decorative panels and even artwork are all possible.

    As with everything we do, Dynamic Welding & Engineering encourages creativity and welcomes innovation as we have the equipment to make your ideas and designs a reality. To streamline servicing and reduce the cost of processing, we bring your product or project to life directly from your designs and drawings.

    For more information and free quotes, please contact our friendly team today or email your drawings (in .DXF or .DWG format) with details of dimension, scale, material and quantity, and we'll present you with a quote which we are sure you will be more than happy with!

    To learn more about our incredible laser cutting machine and what it can do,

    call Dynamic Welding & Engineering today on 03 6272 2990!
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